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Denny Brown was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey amid some of the city’s most illustrious citizens: his cousin Melvin “Randy” Primas was the first African-American mayor elected in the city; his great-grandfather, John Houston, was the city’s first African-American detective; his father, Gary D. Brown, Sr., was a noted community activist who served on the city’s Board of Education as its vice-president. Not to be outdone, Brown himself is a local celebrity. In 1986, he was a major contributor to Camden High School's state championship basketball team, that was ranked by USA Today as the #1 team in the country. Even today, many in Camden still remember the glory of that era, and they remember Brown for having been a major part of it.


Recognized for his prolific writing talent in high school, Denny knew then that he had an affinity to creatively express himself through the written word. In later years, he honed his writing skills as a student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and thus gained additional confidence in his craft.


No one in Camden—no matter how gifted and politically connected, is immune to the reality of life in New Jersey’s poorest city.  Therefore, when Brown set out to write a series for television, he wrote about what he knew best. He drew on his family’s experiences in politics, recalling the skirmishes between local politicians and state big wigs, all fighting to get a piece of the city. He wrote about the local hustlers trying to make a dollar, the drug kingpins that run the only real industry that Camden can claim, and the hard-working residents just trying to stay afloat in the chaos and uncertainty of the city. The result is Chase Street, a Political Crime Drama, depicting the chase for power in Camden, NJ, one of America’s poorest and most dangerous cities—a world populated with the colorful, the dangerous, the desperate and the innocent.


Brown serves as Creator and Executive Producer of the series, along with Benjamin “Benny” Mateo.

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Visionary entrepreneur Benjamin " Benny " Mateo was born and raised on the rough streets of Camden, NJ.  True to his working - class roots, since childhood he has displayed a creativity and work ethic that has led to his success.  At the tender age of 8, he earned his first dollar sitting guard at a local construction site; he followed that by carrying groceries and holding down various jobs for years, before ultimately getting into music and media production.  


In 2000, Mateo opened a studio and started a record label, Interstate Music Group.  He eventually negotiated a deal with Def Jam Records, for his lead artist, Young Tre.  After 15 years of successfully running his record label, Mateo founded Interstate Media Group, LLC with the goal of developing content for film and television.


Chase Street is Interstate Media Group's first foray into television production.  Mateo serves as Executive Producer of the series.



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Thomas Freeman Jr. is a screenwriter/producer from New Jersey.  After graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1999 with a degree in communications, Freeman began running an independent record label, Sleepy Eye Entertainment, while promoting parties at local clubs in Southern New Jersey. In 2004 Freeman took a class at New York Film Academy to learn how to direct music videos. Already a recreational writer, he began taking the craft more serious during his time at NYFA. This experience led Freeman deeper into the entertainment field and in 2008 he released his debut novel “The Organization“ which was followed by 3 more novels (Sons of Sin I & II and Her Little Secret).  Thomas Freeman Jr’s, debut as a documentary film maker came in 2011 when he wrote, produced and directed “Live 2 Tell: The Lucas Torres Story”. Freeman followed this up by writing and producing “Her Little Secret“ a film based on his third novel of the same name. That film is currently in post-production. 


In addition to the novels and feature films, Freeman is also the author of dozens of articles for print and online magazines. He is also the creator of a docu-series  entitled “Hip-Hop’s Great Migration” (completed pilot)  a scripted TV Show “Dream’s Reality” (sizzle reel) writer/producer on the documentary  “Breaking the Cage” and a writer/producer on the groundbreaking series "Chase Street", all of which are both being shopped to cable outlets. Always looking to improve on his craft, Freeman has taken classes and seminars at New York Film Academy, Dov Simmens Film School, Writer’s Digest, Philly Cam studios in Philadelphia and is currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at the Los Angeles Film School. 



Freeman has also penned more than a dozen other screen and teleplays, including “Black Ice”, a screenplay he wrote for former NBA Players Association attorney Billy Hunter and ‘Paper Boy” a feature film written for veteran actor Clifton Powell.


Demetrius “Meech” Hill's interest in the entertainment industry was piqued way back, when his father first put a microphone in his hand. He always felt that he was meant to be a part of the industry. Meech began playing instruments and doing local talent shows at the age of 10. His passion for entertainment immensely grew from there. In 2009, Meech gained an affinity for filming music videos, which resulted in creating short films and TV series. He began a collaborative journey with Interstate Media Group in 2014 to help bring to life a story about Camden, New Jersey, which is a city like no other.

Executive Producers

Since the early 1980's, father and son team, Nathaniel Banks Sr. and Nathaniel Banks Jr ( both born in Camden, NJ), have focused on marketing and promoting music artist and assisting in movie creation.  They started Show Jazz  Records and Promotions in 1985, representing local artist such as Nikki Rap & Scratch, Raw Dope Posse and New London Posse. However, they desired to change direction and are now promoting and consulting other artist.


Through establishing, promoting and networking, they have developed a strong lasting relationship with many successful artists, their management, movie producers and known radio personalities.  


Nathaniel Banks Sr. is also a real estate agent with BERSHIRE HATHAWAY Home Services, Fox & Roach REALTORS, Haddonfield, NJ Office.



The Banks Team has always resided in the Camden, Cherry Hill, NJ. area.

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