Porta Rich

Camden, NJ has always been nationally known for its high poverty and crime rate amongst the African American and Latino communities. Contrary to that, its so much artistic talent that can emerge through it all. Popular hip hop artist & actor Richard "Porta Rich" Nuñez continues to show & prove it until he reaches super stardom.


Porta Rich was born on Feb 4, 1979 in Camden, NJ. Though he was raised in a predominately African American city, his Puerto Rican roots were always close with him. He was given the name Porta Rich from a close friend (in spanish meaning Puerto Rico). He didn't like the name at first because it seemed like he'd be just representing one culture of people. He put his own breakdown to it, "poor to rich" which means "from rags to riches". That is a common goal for everyone raised in poverty no matter what culture they are. At that point he decided to stick with that name.


Rich was an honor student in school growing up and acted in school plays, but he got caught up in the dangerous street life in the city during his teen years. During the 15yrs that he was in and out of group homes, institutions and correctional facilities, doing music was always his true passion. He would start rap cyphers in the yard and when he was out on release he would record music sometimes and start rap cyphers on the corners of Camden. It wasnt until Rich was convicted & sentenced to 5yrs in prison for weapon possession (on a gun that was not his) that he said he'd make music his number one priority when he gets out.


Right after being released in 2009, Rich put out his official debut mixtape "Guess Who's Back?" hosted by DJ Aktive & DJ Ant Live. Rich gained the popularity without a major label through the internet and word of mouth. His buzz helped get him get a record feature from r&b soul star Marsha Ambrosious on GWB. After  that project, he went on to drop "House Flow", then "P.R.O.M.O.", "House Flow 2" and his most current release "Listen To Disc".


Throughout those mix tape projects, Rich has done songs and networked with some mainstream, popular up & coming and legendary hip hop names. Artists such as Raekwon, Troy Ave, Mario (R&B), Peedi Crack, Reed Dollaz and more. All have co signed Rich's musical talent.


In todays time, hip hop is the most listened to music genre and most watched on the internet. The people want to see hip hop artists do everything. The key is to brand yourself, keep up with the times and do everything. Rich has been seen in short films & movies with popular actors as well. Since he acted in his school years the transition was easy for him. After doing a few short films he was able to land a casting role in an up & coming TV series called "Chase Street". The series stars popular actor Clifton Powell. The cast of the show even did a meet & greet in Rich's home town of Camden, NJ and really got the Tri-State and Camden community in a positive frenzy. Porta Rich is becoming the next big name in not only New Jersey hip hop but to the world. The mainstream will have to make room for him. Even if they try not to he'll make his own way through until his name & face are seen everywhere.