John DiRenzo is of Italian heritage and the last of five children parented by Lena and Nicholas DiRenzo Sr. John's father was a butcher and a grocery store owner. As a young child and teen, John spent the majority of his time working in the family markets.


He grew up in Norristown, an upper middle class area in the suburbs of Philadelphia. John was a marching band percussionist in his freshman and sophomore years at Norristown Area High School. During his adolescent years, DiRenzo remained enrolled in school music studies and spent his free time performing with after-school garage bands.


DiRenzo began his professional acting career at age 43, appearing as a background performer in After Earth (2012). Since then he has appeared in over 100 projects including short and feature films, television and commercial productions.


In his early twenties, John married Suzanne Clark and together they had a son. John DiRenzo Jr. was born on June 5th 1994. John and Suzanne divorced after one year of marriage