Chris Cream

Born and raised in Camden, (Parkside & Centerville sections), it seems as long as Chris Cream has been alive he as been on stage camera entertaining in some form or fashion. He says his earliest memories are the church plays his Grandmother made him be a part of.  If not that his Father, (deceased) would have him singing at his church on opposite Sundays, all before the age of 6 or 7.


The trend continued into his adolescent years where he landed rolls as both Dr. MLK, as well as "Purlie" the stage played and roll once played by Robert Guillium. (Benson).  Chris was also student athlete thru his four years in high school.  Upon graduation he attended Camden County College and studied Business and Journalism.


Through the 90's Chris was very active in the tri state region, landing rolls in several Independent films and stage plays.  He took acting and improv a well as voice over classes from famed Philadelphia casting agent Mike Lemon. This landed Chris (non speaking) rolls in both "Beloved" starring Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover and Snake Eyes with Nicolas Cage.  HOLLYWOOD HERE I COME! Not so fast, around this same period Chris had become a young single father to his first child, though his dream was the BIG SCREEN, his heart belonged with his little girl. So the dream seemed distant even unattainable from New Jersey.


He later had a son and family to help raise and provide for, working jobs, getting gigs from time to time, Chris recreated himself learning music production and engineering helping to begin an independent label. During this time Chris released 2 solo albums of his own. YungestSun & The Second Coming of Chris. He has been featured in many of states and venues from N.Y. to Atl. He's performed with artist such as The Legendary Roots Crew, Floetry, DMC,  The Last Poets and many many more. Primed for the spot light hungry for his delayed dream, this Renaissance Man is beyond ready to take the screen by storm