Chip Grimes/CEO-PBEntertainment

Mr. Grimes, a native of Camden, NJ has been involved in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years as CEO of music label PBEntertainment.  Prior to founding PBEntertainment, Mr. Grimes was instrumental in the development of the Hip-Hop group, Natural Disaster.  Following receiving his degree in Business Administration at Camden County College, Mr. Grimes began work as part owner and operator of a recording studio in Pennsauken, NJ.  This partnership managed to record their first project, "More Than Enough", and soon after began recording other local acts. "The Kingdom", the name of the studio, became a recognizable local favorite of local artist to record demo projects.  In 2000, Mr. Grimes and the partner mutually agreed to conclude their working agreement and set off into different genres of the industry. 


Mr. Grimes kept the name, PBEntertainment, and in 2002 PBE introduced its first project, a compilation that consisted of many of the various artists that had been recorded at The Kingdom.  From this compilation,' PBE chose four acts and signed them to recording contracts.  PBEs sponsorship with Magic32 Apparel, one of the many ventures of NBA great Magic Johnson, opened the doors for PBE and they soon found themselves assisting with promotions nationally.


Through the years Mr. Grimes has promoted many shows in the local area and has worked with the likes of such hip-hop legends as Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Dana Dane and many others.   More recently Mr. Grimes has been Business Manager of The Idea Performing Arts Center in Camden were he has promoted a live band segment “The Spotlight Café. 


  Mr. Grimes has done numerous radio and television interviews and appeared in a featured article in a “The Daily News” segment called “Behind The Music”.  Besides being CEO of PBE, and Business manager of Idea Mr. Grimes also has a business interest in “Needle and Threads” a custom tailoring shop in Camden.