Robert " B. O." Rand, is a native of Camden New Jersey. Born in South Camden's Centerville section, growing  up in one of the cities most Notorious neighborhoods faced with all types of adversity he vowed to get a way out!  
Raised by his mother and grandparents from a deep religious background, avid in church and choir he knew that entertainment was where his heart was at.  As lead singer in a boys choir at a very young age he always had a knack for the camera, as his grandfather would sit in the first row and record him.   As the years went by hard times fell upon him, causing him to stray away from church and into the streets where he adopted a lifestyle that sent him on a path of destruction which led him to serving a 10 year prison term.  It was there and then that he knew he had to make a drastic change in his life to stay alive in the streets of Camden, New Jersey.  
While in prison he focused back on the entertainment route, enrolling and completing classes to help him with his speech and ways to express himself more creatively and articulate minus the singing.  He wanted to try his hand in acting which landed him a co - lead role on a television series based out of the tri-state area which broke Nielsen ratings in 2013 on a local cable network station.  He also went on to appear in a couple of feature full lengths and television commercials, which gave him the motivation and confidence he needed to conquer his original quest, which was getting him and his family out of the streets of Camden, NJ for good.
This young, black, up-and-coming actor is on fire landing a few more lead roles on future movies, videos, television shows, and now stage plays. He has one goal and that is to aim for the stars in hopes of one day being amongst the Elite African American entertainers....